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Dufour Designs specialises in the creation of Bespoke Furniture for high-end projects.

In your ideal home you shouldn’t have to compromise with pre-made “off-the-shelf” furniture that isn’t quite right! We have been making bespoke furniture for a number of years and have an established reputation for creating truly unique and beautifully made furniture completely customised to our clients.

By commissioning our bespoke items of furniture, you are in control every step of the way; from the initial design, incorporating made-to-measure sizes, selection of materials and finishes through to details such as how it will function. We pride ourselves on being able to solve logistical and technical issues to turn a clever design idea into reality. Each item of bespoke furniture is priced separately subject to size, finishes etc. However, to give you an idea of cost, we suggest a starting price of £2.5K per linear metre depending upon the complexity of the item.